Pewter Honey Bee Cufflinks.
Little cast bees with T bar cufflink fittings.

Dimensions :- 
Approx.   2.2cm Width
Approx.  1.8cm Length

£22.00 per pair (UK Carriage Included)

Embossed pewter pendant with Victorian Scroll design and fitted with an 18 inch sterling silver chain.

Dimensions :-

Approx. 2cm x 2cm

£31.00 (UK Carriage Included)

Embossed Pewter Leaf Earrings suitable for pierced ears with surgical steel posts and butterfly clasp fittings.
Dimensions :-
Approx. 1.5cm height
Approx. 1cm Width

£23.00 (UK Carriage Included)

Style A : leaf has point facing downwards.
Style B : leaf has point facing upwards.
Dimensions :-
Approx. 5cm height
Approx. 2.1cm width
£31.00 (UK Carriage Included)

Pewter Dog Head Cufflinks.
These are made using victorian scroll embossed pewter and fitted with T-bar cufflink fittings & a gold coloured rivet feature eye on each dog (which is an individual with its own personality).

Dimensions :- 
Approx.  2.2cm width
Approx.  2cm height
£53.00 per pair (UK Carriage Included)

Pewter Dog head Brooch Lapel pin with gold coloured rivet eye detail. Handcrafted from embossed victorian scroll pewter. Fitted with a long pin and clutch fitting it is suitable for thick fabric on coat lapels, ties or hats.

Dimensions :-

Approx. 2.2cm width
Approx. 2cm height

£34.50 (UK Carriage Included)

Embossed Pewter Leaf Brooch with pin and safety catch fitting on the reverse.

Dimensions :-

Approx. 5cm height

Approx. 3cm width

£25.00 (UK Carriage Included)

JEWELLERY CARE. Please note that pewter does not oxidise very quickly. However, like any metal, it can react to perfumes, cosmetics and other environmental conditions by going dullish. If your jewellery does this we suggest you wash it in soapy water and bring the shine up again by using a silver polish and a soft cloth.

Polished pewter Cuff Bangle with embossed Victorian scroll detailing and feature molten edges.

Dimensions :-

Easy to shape around your wrist as pewter is a soft metal.​

£26.00 (UK Carriage Included)

Designed & Handmade in Sheffield
Copyright © Jim Stringer @ Quirky Metals. All rights reserved.

Polished Pewter Pendant with hand stamped swirly pattern. Fitted onto a fine 18 inch sterling silver chain. 
Dimensions :- 
Approx. 2.5cm 
Approx. 2.2cm

£31.00 each (UK Carriage Included)

Polished pewter Cuff Bangle with embossed Victorian Scroll pattern and flat edges.

Dimensions :-

Easy to shape onto your wrist as pewter is easily manipulated.

£26.00 (UK Carriage Included)

Pewter Earring studs for pierced ears with stamped swirly pattern, surgical steel earring posts and butterfly clasp on backs.
Dimensions :- 

Approx. .8cm x .8cm

£23.00 per pair (UK Carriage Included)

The leaf comes in one of two designs as photographed.

Polished pewter Cuff Bangle with embossed leaf detailing and quirky molten edges.

Dimensions :-

Easy to shape onto your wrist as pewter is easily manipulated.​

£26.00 (UK Carriage Included)

Polished Pewter embossed Cuff Bangle with hand stamped swirly pattern on top surface. 
Dimensions :- 
As pewter is a soft metal it is easily shaped around your wrist.

£26.00 each (UK Carriage Included)

Please be aware that all our photos are representative of our designs but the nature of handcrafting means each item is made individually so no two will be exactly the same. In the case of embossed and stamped items the patterns vary slightly simply because the embossed metal starts off as one large sheet of pattern which we cut item pieces out of.

Jewellery All prices include U.K. postage. For Worldwide deliveries ask us for a quote.

Embossed pewter pendant with an 18 inch sterling silver chain attached. The leaf comes in one of two designs as photographed.

Pewter embossed round stud earrings for pierced ears. Featuring an embossed Victorian Scroll Pattern. Fittings are surgical steel posts with butterfly clasps.

Dimensions :-​ 1cm diameter

£23.00 (UK Carriage Included)

Pewter Fish Head Cufflinks.
Handcrafted using Embossed Pewter

Sheet with brass rivet eyes & fitted with T- bar cufflink fittings.

Dimensions :- 
Approx. 1.7cm  width 
Approx. 2cm height

£32.00 per pair (UK Carriage Included)

Pewter sardine feature Brooch made in embossed pewter with a victorian scroll pattern. Fitted with a brooch pin on the reverse and featuring a gold coloured rivet eye.
Dimensions :- 
Approx. 11cm Length
Approx.    3.5cm Width 

£28.50 each (UK Carriage Included)